History of an Exotic Dancing

Let’s face it, majority of people refer to them as strippers or possibly go-go dancers. But these ladies prefer to be called exotic dancers; and those places you find them dancing in? You guessed it! They don’t like them being called strip clubs, the correct phrase would be gentlemens club. However you choose the phrase it, the bottom line is these women dance around sexually in as little to no clothing as the law allows them to and they have been doing it for a very long time.

Some of the earliest reporting of exotic dancing datse back almost 20,000 years. While they are only cave paintings found in south France, archeologist have found what appear to be miniature statues of exotic dancers near the Black Sea region that date back 9,000 years. Jumping into the 14th century is when we see women first getting paid for there dancing. In India women didn’t take there clothes off, but did an erotic form of belly dancing where people would toss coins at them. In the 18th century Europe boomed with erotic dancing. Women would use fans as a prop to appear more mysterious. In the late 1800’s erotic dancing boomed again, but this time in the form of burlesque shows. The modern form of stripping we are accustomed to started out as a sensual way to undress and arouse those around them. Over time it has evolved into what we know it to be today.