Being Social with Customers

Being social with customers is also a big game changer when it comes to making money. Yes, dancing and how you look will get you money; but not the come back and ask for you buy name kind of money that a conversation can bring. Even if he doesn’t come back, a small conversation will likely make him inclined to spend more time with you and that alone is more money. Hire professional Cincy strippers to arrange a great show for yourself and your friends.

You want to engage in small talk and keep him interested, some things to stay away from are:

Asking if he is married: you don’t want to remind him that he has wife at home and shouldn’t be there.
Asking him if he has children: chances are he has a daughter about your age and that’s a mood killer.
Asking what he does for work: unless he mentions being in town for work, you shouldn’t ask somebody what they do for work when expecting to receive money from them.

Some good practices are always asking after every song if they would like you to keep dancing, often times ladies will dance until a customer says something and will dance more than a customer is willing to pay. Try offering a discount when taking them in the back room. Instead of charging per dance, try charging per half hour. Always set the expectation of rules out on the table, let them know if they can or can’t touch you. If so, how much or where. When men ask for extra favors politlely let them know it is illegal and you won’t be participating in any such way.