Exotic Dancers

Lets face it, when we think of exotic dancers or Cincinnati strippers, we don’t think of clothes. But, a dancers clothes can often times be one of the most import things they decide on. The clothing one chooses. sets the tone for what fantasy they want to create, and that can make a huge impact on the amount of money made.

We all have different taste in women and it’s a dancers responsibility to appeal to that and keep us coming back. While not every dancer will be able to appeal to every person, there are a few things that appeal to most people.

The young fantasy: School girl looks are something that never go out of style. That saying “all men are the same” is in fact true. What appealed to them as high school boys will still appeal to them as grown men. Bright colors are usually associated with younger looking women. Anything fun and flirty will remind men of the younger girl-next-door look and that alone will bring in more money. There is a distinct difference in looking like a young school girl and looking like a child, the later not being the goal here. A simple bikini and pig tails will do, adding colored shoes and patterned hosiery will just make it look childish and like you’re playing dress up.

Well this is her, she is sexy and makes every dance look like an exotic peep show just for you. This is a look that hits home with a variety of ages from young to old. For some they like to explore out of there comfort zones tot he dark; and for others its a chance to see those rock songs they love come life. Everyone knows a lacey black bustier paired with a G-string and some rockin’ black or studded heels has it made. It’s the look at involves way to much eye liner, shaving parts of your head and razor blade jewelry that kills it. It wasn’t a popular in school, hence why it never obtained the school girl name and it won’t be a popular look now.